About me

I live in Kingwood Texas

I enjoy tranforming any space into a party space with my balloon creations and I love to make people smile.

With twenty years of experience

Certified balloon artist 

International award winning balloon artist 

Professional Balloon Instructor for Qualatex Balloons

Professional Clown (Happy Heart the clown is now retired)

WON "Best all-around Clown in Texas award"

I love to enter competitions

 Balloon twisting since 1999  

 Professional Facepainter 

My inspiration

My Inspiration Came From my Grandpa!

How I started making balloons:

My Gran LOVED to make people smile, and was the original "clown" in my family. He was a whiz with Balloon Twisting and Magic. People often ask me often where I learned balloons and the truth is from my Grandfather. 

About 30 years ago we were visiting him, and he started handing out balloons to all the grandchildren, so that he could teach us some balloon art. My mom said not to even try since I had asthma and we were mouth inflating back then and I was actually able to mouth inflate the balloons, which is pretty rare because these balloons are made a special way, and most people have to use pumps. So right away I knew this was meant to be! It was love at first twist and about a week after I returned home Gran sent me my first balloon book. It was not long before I was making a few basic balloons. Next visit Gran took me to a restaurant and introduced me to a balloon man He said you could do this. He planted a seed, and at first I thought 'yeah right', but he taught me to dream and go for your dreams.

Gran even learned to juggle at age 70, proving its never too late to learn new things! 

I'd like to thank my cousins who saved Gran's magic cane and later gave it to me. Also, to thank my brother for saving Gran's magic stand at his house and getting it to me at just the right time. My friends and family have been great, and really supportive over the years. They've listened to my jokes and watched me perfect new magic, and really encouraged me to live for my dreams. Thank you all, Dreams really do come true, I'm having the time of my life ! xoxox The rest is history I'm known as Balloon Lady Houston in Kingwood Texas and I do Balloon Decor in Kingwood and Balloon Twisting in Kingwood.

Im Known as Balloon Lady Houston in Kingwood Texas


I made the News!


My balloon hat entry from world balloon 2014 I won 3rd place

Two years later, I was able to wear it again, and I even  made a dress to go with it!



Centerpiece Entry

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